There’s a first time for everything, I shot a newborn session just yesterday…with my big belly and all!  I stopped scheduling sessions after the middle of April…the belly was getting in the way and a few complications that had me on modified bedrest.  But this session, it had been tentatively scheduled since the family knew they were expecting their third and final baby.  And for a very special reason.

Shortly after I found out I was pregnant, I was at this family’s house.    Anyways, at one point the mother and I were alone in a room and I just looked at her saying that I had to a secret I had to tell.  I just blurted it out,  ” I’m pregnant!”  She then grabs my hands and shouts that she’s pregnant too!  Before I knew it, we were both like giggly girls happy to share the news.  LOVE LOVE  that memory.

Photographing their family now as a family of 5, just worked out …by pure luck.  The days around the due date, I was slightly stressed in knowing that I was scheduled to have my baby just two weeks afterwards.  Their due date came and went.  Then that one text came in, the text I had been waiting for….she was in labor!  I couldn’t have been happier because photographing this family was important to me.  Over the past five years, I’ve watched their family grow and being a part of this big milestone for them was a special feeling.

Granted, the day before their session the mother texted me and asked if I may have had my baby yet.:)    The memories that will go with this session are classic and funny!

Introducing their third and final baby, Baby Quinn.

I’m a little obsessed with these kids.  They have got the cutest personalities and can’t forget to mention they are stinking cute.

My favorite outtakes from the session.  ADORE ADORE ADORE!

I couldn’t get enough of little Asher’s eyes!  I had to keep reminding myself that the session was about Quinn but then those eyes…I just couldn’t resist.