Every bit of the phrase that every single parent says….Time flies!  Is so very true.  Every letter in those words is the truth.

One month ago, we met our the biggest surprise of our lives.  Our fourth baby.  She was unplanned.  Unexpected. Perfection.

She arrived on August 15th in pure perfection.  Trying to put into words the feelings felt when meeting our precious baby that had been growing in my belly for the past 9 months…just isn’t possible.  The pregnancy was filled with happiness but also worries….and anticipation for the big life change ahead for me and my family.  Needless to write, not one of those worries crossed my mind when I heard her first cry.

I have delivered all of my babies through C-Section.  The days leading up to having this baby, I couldn’t help but think how insane it is to know literally the time of day that our baby will arrive.  I had to laugh that at least that was one way I could predict something.   When I was laying there after prepped for the surgery, my husband came in and we just looked at each other.  And that moment our tears had already started. We know what was about to happen in a matter of minutes.  We knew and remembered the rush of feelings we felt when we met our first three children.  For us, it was like a drug that we just couldn’t wait to have and experience.  But this time we knew it was going to be different.

This time, we knew we were about to meet our fourth baby that had already taught us countless lessons in patience, faith and understanding.  We were about to meet our baby that we could actually admit gave us anxiety for what was ahead of us in life.

We had so many questions.

And yet, this was our baby we hadn’t met but was already teaching us patience and faith. She eased our anxiety at the mere thought of holding her.  She had already started teaching us to trust.

She was the reminder to trust in things we can’t see, explain or touch.

The moment the nurse brought her to us, we were crying.  And me…well…me, I was full blown sobbing.  And I kept crying. I was unbelievably happy.  Here my baby was. I had no idea what was ahead of me in life…but she was here.  While the nurses and my  husband had her in the cradle for measurements, etc. I literally flashed through the last 9 months and thought I must’ve done something amazing in life to be given this perfect surprise.

Introducing Blake Genevieve



And one month later, she’s gained over a pound and grown an inch.  How is it possible a month has already passed?

2015-09-15_0005 2015-09-15_00092015-09-15_0006 2015-09-15_0007 2015-09-15_0008 2015-09-15_0010

Sweet baby Blake is such a good baby!  Again, I must have done something amazing …or maybe the Lord just knew the only way I could survive this is with an easy and sleepy baby.

At one month, she sleeps a solid 5 hours before the first feeding at night.  And that right there is a gift… Anyone that knows me, knows that I need my sleep or I resemble the girl version of the incredible Hulk.  Trust me, it’s not pretty when I don’t get good sleep.

Today marks the first day that I’m starting to dabble in a little work.  By dabble I mean, scheduling sessions for this fall and editing pictures from a session she had with her brother and sisters.  But still filling most of the hours my kids are at school with doing NOTHING but taking care of my little surprise baby.