And just like that, my miracle baby is 5 months old.   I can’t even begin to try and wrap my exhausted brain around what a whirlwind the past 5 months have been.

When I think back to where I was a year ago, the first word that comes to my mind is SCARED… and terrified…and worried.  I was worried how we would manage our crazy days with the unpredictability a life with a baby is, as we were already struggling.  It’s not that our life was crazy because we were crazy (well, we kinda are…just kinda though), but more crazy busy as we were already struggling to keep our life together TOGETHER.  With three older kids involved in sports and school activities, my husband and I were often in different directions with one or more of our kids.  Eating dinner together was happening maybe 2 times a week, which is probably better than no dinners together but family dinners were always a priority for me.  Dinner time was our time together to check in, talk about the day, celebrate our highlights and discuss problems.  That time together seemed to help keep us connected as a family of 5 and that was our daily tradition.  While that tradition felt like it was slipping away, I was reworking the hours we could have together to be our connection time.

I guess the thought I was having was, I knew what life was like with a baby.  I had already lived through the baby years and was enjoying the excitement, challenges and beautiful moments with three kids.  But I didn’t have any idea how amazing Blake would be to our family.  I was too busy holding onto the fears of how it will change our family instead of what we would share together as a family.  I now get to share all the stages that I went through in pregnancy, delivery, sleepless newborn days/nights and baby days with my children.  I get to share the firsts with my kids and watch as they are amazed, in awe and fully share our obsession with Blake.

Blake will never say she hasn’t felt overwhelmed with love. She’ll always feel supported, celebrated and loved by her sisters and brother.  She’ll never have questions unanswered, always have a hug waiting for her, a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to her ramble about happiness, sadness and frustration.

If I could predict any feeling she may have is probably a feeling for alone time.  Because she will never be without one of us right by her side.

My confession: There have already been days that I’ve thought about an informal restraining order needed to keep those three away so that my husband and I can have OUR time with her.

I did a little mini session for her 5 month birthday.  What was supposed to just be a few pictures of her ended up with me taking 190 pictures.  Yep, 190 pictures!  My clients can all support me in my addiction of overshooting at a session…but I can rationalize that when there are several people involved.  But Blake…it’s 190 pictures of just her.  Just sweet Blake…and her little doll.  Which by the way, I’ve included this little doll when I take her monthly pictures….it seems to be the trend since I had my kids and I’ve thought it was so cute.  But um, I don’t think I have that cute little skill of using it to compare size but more like looking like pictures with just a random doll next to her.  The doll just laying on her arm…just there…not being held, but just there.  I’m laughing at how corky it looks and totally random but hey, I’m trying to look trendy here. (insert smiling emojicon)

Facts about Blake at 5 months:

  • super easy baby
  • happy
  • always smiling
  • blowing raspberries (taught by big sister Camryn)
  • spits up A LOT: it’s become a talent
  • our only chunky baby
  • has a random rat tail right, front and center: baby combover
  • sitting
  • rolls front to back
  • won’t roll back to front
  • sticks tongue out a lot
  • two bottom teeth have started to make their first appearance
  • not a big fan of sleep but doesn’t get in the way of her happiness



In some of the pictures you can see her strawberry blonde hair. Right when she was born, my OB said she had strawberry blonde hair…incredible he could see that color.  That color varies though, sometimes it’ll look light brown with red hues and other times strawberry blonde.  We can’t wait to see how her hair changes as she grows.
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