Every bit of the sweetest, anticipation, excitement and moments that lead up to welcoming your first baby is memorable.  It’s the months that leading up to meeting your first baby that make me want relive the days before each of my own babies.

This session was crazy fun and monumental. More so monumental because the session started 20 minutes later than wanted…on the way to the session they forgot their wedding ring.  Yikes!  That’s a little detail super important as they just celebrated their first anniversary and so needed before their first maternity session.  The crazy part is it was a sunset session which means there is very little, teeny bit of wiggle room as it’s a time crunch with the light.  We took advantage of every last minute and seconds the sunset gave us.  And literally…the last seconds of light left.  While we were chasing the light, the session started with what I consider a high ISO and pushed my camera as hard as it could go with ending the session with 6400 ISO.  Okay, I realize that’s a foreign language to most people but any photographer would squirm shooting at that ISO…I literally squeezed every bit of what my camera could give me this evening.  I was impressed with my camera and couldn’t be happier with the sweet little looks and moments between these two.

Happy first baby Bethany and big hugs in the weeks leading up to holding your baby girl!

2016-01-27_0001 2016-01-27_0002 2016-01-27_0003 2016-01-27_0004 2016-01-27_0005 2016-01-27_0006 2016-01-27_00122016-01-27_0008 2016-01-27_0009 2016-01-27_0010

Cutest little couple at dusk…the last two seconds of the sunset!2016-01-27_0011