After all the years I’ve been photographing families, I’ll admit I still get nervous before every session.    I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what brings on the nervous feelings but more of feeling the anticipation of what’s to be for the session and hoping to capture the family exactly how their wanting this stage to be remembered.  This was a big session with a family of 6, which means a large agenda for me to cover all that needs to be photographed and staying organized with that agenda.  Annnnnd mental organization is NEVER a strong skill for me…but once the session starts, the unsettling feelings fade away and I find myself in my element with camera in hand.  This session was every bit of exciting and fun with this sweet family.

When the Acton family scheduled their family session, we had in mind the location for their pictures but the week before they decided on more of an Arizonan desert location since they are originally from Iowa.  Considering I live in Arizona, it’s a little unfamiliar for me to shoot in the desert and comes with its challenges… I’m not referring to snakes and scorpions…with wide open desert and lighting. Now I can officially write that I loved shooting in the desert and think I may need to venture our in the land of prickly landscape a little more…the setting sun light is insanely beautiful there.

Introducing the Acton family, all of which are super sweet, giggly, calm and so easy going.


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