When I received the email from Lynsey’s mom to schedule her senior pictures, I was seriously flattered!  I’ve been photographing Lynsey’s family for almost 7 years.

Her family has become a personal favorite of mine and one I’ve enjoyed getting to know.  You see, when she was 8 years old her little brother was involved in a tragic accident that resulted in a Tramatic Brain Injury.  Her life was rocked at a young age.  But what makes this family inspiring, uplifting  and all around incomparable is how they persevered through the tragedy.  Through their faith, determination, commitment and love, they’re family rallied around her brother to give him the incredible life he has and never short him the opportunities and experiences they want for him.

And while I’m keeping the tragedy her family endured brief, I couldn’t resist sharing as every bit of the awesomeness and struggles of her family is a piece of who she is and helped shape her to become the young woman she is today.

Lynsey’s senior portrait session was the first time I got to spend time with only her. I was able to talk with her, get to know who the girl I’ve photographed through the years but never really chatted with.  It a silly way, okay probably reads weird…I’ve wanted to get to know her.  Every session is filled with a family of 5 agenda: it can get tedious and busy in the sessions.  But every session she has always been helpful with her younger brother and giggly with her little sister.  I wanted to know who SHE is and what she is about.  Annnnnd, maybe get advice on raising girls in this generation: I totally did have a Q&A session with her.

To give you a glimpse into how amazing she is, I’m sincluding a post she wrote that I’ve been given permission to share.

“8 years ago, at this time, I was a careless little girl, unaware of how certain events can have such an impaction on your life.  8 years ago, I learned.  8 years ago, my brother suffered a tramatic brain injury.  8 years ago, I was told my brother would longer be with us.  And 8 years ago, with faith, perseverance and determination, Luke proved everyone wrong.  8 years later, and I still remember the mixed emotions I felt. Sorrow, pain, happiness, and joy. I know that someday I’llunderstand God’s plan and reasonings but for right now, I’m thankful for the Lord and His grace, and I’m thankful for getting to see my brother’s face everyday. Luke motivates me to be a better person and I can only hope that one day I’ll have at least half the strength he has.  I love him.”


I was blown away by Lynsey. I was taken back by how well spoken she is, goal oriented, kind, fearless, smart, determined, and honestly…ready to take on the world.  And she will take this world on without reservation.

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I’m including an unexpected and unplanned picture that I took when testing the light.  I haven’t kept a picture when I’m metering, but when I saw this one I couldn’t help but see so much of Lynsey from when she was  younger and knew her mother would love it.