This session was very surreal and personal for me.  Years ago I first met this family when I photographed their oldest when they were a little family of three and here they are today a big family of 6.

What makes it surreal and personal for me is how much I can relate with them now.  They also welcomed their fourth baby and she too, was a complete surprise…unplanned and unexpected.

When we scheduled this session, I did the usual run down for how my newborn photography style isn’t the most traditional or typical for newborn sessions.  I don’t do the beautiful baby poses: I leave that to the talented newborn photographers.  My style is more of a casual approach in capturing the family just as they are.  I love photographing a family in all the glory of their different personalities, the giggles, and everything in between.

I couldn’t write enough good things about this family!  The kids were perfect…literally, amazingly good.  The entire family was insanely fun and I was able to capture it all.

Introducing Baby girl Q.

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The picture below is my favorite from the session.  The simple and peaceful moment between a mother and her baby is one to never be forgotten.testernew_0232