This family is extra special to me. Extra special since they first hired me when their oldest was 4 months old and I’m still photographing their family.  There simply aren’t enough words to describe how honored I am to help them document their growing family and getting to know them in all their fun personalities.

Their family summed up:


~easy going



~kids have the most beautiful blue eyes



~and just some of the best people I’ve been happy to meet.

This session was important to me for two main reasons.  The first being it kicked off the booked up fall calendar and the second that they deserved a session with zero weather mishaps and anything else that makes the session be unpredictable.  And through any past hiccups they’ve had before a session, they literally always just laughed and went with it while smiling.

I guess there was probably one unexpected event, or visitor, at their session…testernew_0346A bat!

Yep, just a creepy looking bat that might have something wrong with it.  While the smart option would be to move away from the area, we went with the dumb option and took pictures around it.  But then there was the one time that the bat was trying to get under my camera bag…no bueno.  Who has these things happen at a session?  Only the Allan family! (still laughing)

We did keep a close on this little critter and keep a safe distance…as you can see below.:)


Now onto the fabulously fun Allan Family!testernew_0323 testernew_0324

When one of the kids wants the spot next to the dad, the dad leans into it.:)
testernew_0326 testernew_0327 testernew_0328 testernew_0329 testernew_0330 testernew_0331 testernew_0332 testernew_0333 testernew_0334 testernew_0335 testernew_0336 testernew_0337 testernew_0338 testernew_0339 testernew_0340 testernew_0341 testernew_0342

I’m certain this will probably be the last time Aaron can pick up his oldest and I made sure I captured it.  The best part was when his oldest son said his dad’s arms were shaking when holding him up.testernew_0344 testernew_0345