This fall season is in full swing and jammed backed this year.  Apparently the word no wasn’t in my vocabulary when I was scheduling but the best part is that after I took extra time off to enjoy my surprise baby…I’m totally recharged and loving the chaos of the shoots while finding minutes here and there to edit.

The bonus is I truly have amazing clients to photograph.  Most of my clients have been with me for years which makes each session a time that I get to catch up with the families, see how much the children have grown and enjoy the moments when the parents can enjoy the ease of a session when they’re children are older.

I’ve been photographing this gorgeous family since they were expecting their first son and here they are 5 years laters with two sweet little boys.  From the first session when their oldest was a toddler and running everywhere other than where we wanted him to be for pictures, he’s at the age when he’s the big helper with his little brother and loving his time in front of the camera.

As I tell all the families with toddlers that it does get easier, this session I think the Grams family finally believed me.  This session was every bit of fun, perfect and full of adventure.  I also have to add, this family lives on the opposite side of the valley from me and I’ve had them drive far for a session or two…this session was one of those far drives.  But I appreciate that no matter where I suggest the location for their session, they never question and just ask where they’re going.  I always appreciate the trust my clients put in my suggestions and vision. Maybe next time I’ll take them out further…kidding, well maybe…my clients never know when I’ll spot a new and random location that has zero reasoning when they see it at first.


Grams family, you guys are amazing and I enjoyed every second with you this session.  And huge thanks for making the drive to make my vision complete.

P.S. Be sure to see the two funny outtakes from their session at the bottom of this post.

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A session with a toddler isn’t complete without a protest, a few funny faces and deciding it’s more fun to shove their arm down a rusty hole.
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