This was the first time I’ve photographed the Pereschuk family and when scheduling her session she mentioned she hasn’t had family pictures taken before.  When I hear this from a client, I’m always humbled that I was chosen to take their first family pictures buuuut also has me a little anxious.  I’m already an overachiever and perfectionist when it comes to my photography and then knowing I’m the first…I have all the fears of what if’s, possible mishaps and just flat out pressure I put on myself.  I’m not exactly the conventional photographer, I’m totally random and hyper by nature…and I’m fully aware that those qualities can be overwhelming for some people.  Before scheduling a new client, I always speak with them to make sure my photography style is going to be a good fit to represent their investment in my work.  But during our phone call, I had that feeling it was a good fit.  And it sure was, this family is one amazingly fun and happy family.  Which is exactly what was needed when a mishap happened and they were late to the session…which then affects lighting and adds an extra pressure.  This session lasted until the very last minutes of sunlight were left and they still laughed through it all.

Pereschuk family, you guys are amazing and YOU ROCK!  Thanks for choosing me out of the oodles of choices you had out there.

P.S. All three of their boys have the coolest names.  Which of course makes them an ultra cool family!testernew_0402testernew_0418 testernew_0403testernew_0417testernew_0404 testernew_0406 testernew_0407 testernew_0408 testernew_0409 testernew_0410 testernew_0411 testernew_0412 testernew_0413 testernew_0414

This last picture melts my heart…I love a good black and white but I’m also incredibly picky with what pictures can pull off a black and white look.  Basically, it’s not often I convert a color picture to black and white…this is one of my perfectionist quirks.  I loved this boys freckles!