I first photographed Mady in 2011 for a family session.  I remember taking her picture during that first session and saying how I would LOVE to have a session with just Mady.  Not only is this young lady gorgeous and the camera LOVES her but she’s the kind of teenage girl that is confident and comfortable with who she is.  I’m reluctant to write confident as I don’t want it confused with arrogant because …seriously, she’s gorgeous…by confident I mean she owns who she is inside and out with her personality and choices.

Confession:  I was insanely nervous before this session.

And by nervous I mean…pacing around my house, chaotic butterflies in my belly and jittery.  I arrived to the location early to get my head straight for the session.  When Mady arrived, my ADD was out of control and I told her how nervous I was.  Mady laughed at me while asking why I would be nervous.  I shared with her that even after all the years of photography, I start every session with the goal to create a picture and capture the personality better than I’ve every done before.  I hold myself to a high standard…I guess a perfectionist.:)  Then to add to jitters, the session location was brand new to me.  I had scouted it out a few days prior to the session but the lighting was tricky that day and not cooperating with my plans for the session.  AND, senior portrait sessions aren’t a typical session for me.  For me, it’s hard to capture a personality when it’s just one person…opposed to a family when it’s easier to photograph individual personalities while they’re interacting.   But then…this session was of just Mady and this girl radiates personality just sitting down on a rock.

Mady is an amazing young lady and I couldn’t be more proud to have been able to take her pictures for this monumental milestone of graduating from high school.

I could say it over and over and over again…my camera and I can’t make people look happy, confident, beautiful or full of life; all those characteristics have to already be in place to be seen in pictures.  Every bit of who Mady is was captured in this session.

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