I’m so very behind in posting all the sessions from this past fall season.  With this past fall being the first season I returned to photographing full time, I was happily overwhelmed with how busy and full my schedule was with my incredible returning clients and photographing new families.  I wasn’t exactly prepared on the backend of my business with the demand for photography and I’m still playing catch up from where I failed.

Aside from being unprepared on the business back end, I enjoyed the fall season with only focusing on what I love most about my photography business…spending time with wonderful families, doing only what I love…photographing, editing and releasing galleries to happy clients.

The past year or so has been filled with personal ups and downs.  I took a big step away from everything in life that didn’t directly involve my immediate family.  The time I took away was invaluable and I would do it over again without thinking twice.  Through that time, I became more aware with how my little photography business has not only brought me happiness in doing what I love but brought people into my life that have become friends and even more meaningful to my children.

One of my clients is my children’s dentist, Dr. Kimberly Sherrill.  Shortly after I photographed her girls when her youngest was 8 months old, I started taking my children to her for dental care.

This past September, Easton had a horrific accident where he broke the top palate bone in his mouth while at KTR for a birthday party.  I know…I never thought that was even possible. BUT, with my luck…my kids seem prone to the rare childhood accidents. When I texted his dentist for where to take him for emergency dental care…she wrote back that she was also at KTR with her kids.  Within minutes, she evaluated Easton’s injury, called her husband to watch the kids and she was on her way to meeting us at her office to cast the bone and all the other medical care he needed.  Before the care started she told me I was doing great at staying calm considering the accident and how horrific it looked. I told her that if it wasn’t for the trust I had in her and the zero hesitation she had in giving him treatment…I would undoubtably be in full mom panic mode.  At that moment, I would’ve jumped off a bridge if she said that was needed…I was in a totally blind faith way of thinking.  And since Dr. Sherrill isn’t the bragging type, I’ll brag for her.  She was voted Top Doc for 2016 by Phoenix Magazine and she deserves every bit of that recognition; along with her hygienists and dental assistants.

Not only is Dr. Sherrill an excellent pediatric dentist, she is a wonderful mother with two beautiful girls that I’ve been fortunate to watch grow up.  She is a very humble woman and an all around amazing lady!  Every bit of the sweet and kind nature her girls have is a reflection of how fabulous she is.  Her girls have the sweetest relationship as they are different personalities but the extra special sister relationship.

I LOVE these girls!


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