Large family sessions are always the kind of adventures that I love in a session.  This family session was filled with 6 different personalities and each one of them made it perfect.  Perfect in that it was filled with fun, laughter, “it is what it is” attitudes and everything needed to appreciate that this stage in their life is fleeting and they want to remember it just that way.

There were three reasons for this session:

  1. baby Quinn was turning 1
  2. Brother Jake is turning 4
  3. celebrating a wedding anniversary

I really could go on and on about what makes this family fun to photograph but I’ll keep it simple…they love where and who they are!

If I had to pick favorites from this session, it would definitely be the three below of this soon to be 4  year old!  I just loved him…loved his adventures and complete total boy-ness!  This boy had me laughing going through the editing process in thinking of how fun he was…still makes me smile.

Outtakes are always the best!

Seriously…is this not life with kids!?!  It’s the random in between moments that will keep them laughing when the chaotic days are passed.