Meet sweet Harper who is full of everything that is cute, funny, innocent and full of wonder.

About 5 months ago, Harper was in the toothless stage that her mother and I both adore.  I guess adore and then dread…dreading the new teeth that start to look more like pieces Chick-let gum…crooked Chick-let gum that is.  Humor aside, it’s that stage in a child’s life that is fleeting and almost feels like the stage when kids go from being truly little and the next day they’re off to junior high. :::That is a totally, dramatic analogy since I have twins in 6th grade and Harper’s brother is now in middle school:::

Seriously though, I feel like this toothless stage is the time that parents blink and the next day they’re all grown up.

It’s a good thing Harper’s mom is a close friend because I’ve had these pictures hidden on my computer for 5 months!  Oops! During a trip to the ranch, we had plans to take Harper’s pictures…which no kid wants to break away from fishing, playing in a creek and exploring.  The second day were were there, we made this little session happen before her hair was tangled with leaves and branches.  Just before sunset, Harper’s mom took out her pony tails, put her in a dress, threw her boots on and we were driving down the road on an ATV for pictures.  In the pictures you can still see the kinks from her hairbands, a pink stained knee and a little dirt.  And the best part is, THIS is her childhood.