{Another session from 2016}

I should totally start this session sharing with a cheesy phrase like…everything in life is better when it’s blended together all because 2 people fell in love!

And yes, I did write that out because it is so very true for this new family of 5!  THIS is a session that needed to be shared much sooner than I’m doing now.  It’s one of those sessions that will hold a couple of the most memorable moments with this family.

The location for this session required a long drive from the southeast valley to the far north side of the valley.  That day was cloudy with possible rain and while driving there…the rain started and all I kept thinking was….. This rain will NOT cause a reschedule for this session!  It won’t! It won’t!  IT WILL NOT!

I had spotty reception at this location which didn’t help when we were texting about keeping or moving the session.  We kept the session as scheduled and the weather ended up cooperating and beautiful.

I first began photographing the sweetest mother/daughter duo a couple years ago and now they have a beautifully blended family of 5.  I also have to mention, that altogether, they have 3 of the most darling, kind and beautiful daughters in their family.