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Every now and again I feel a little bit my age…it’s not too often since I’m still a giant kid at heart and have kids that keep me going every minute of the day.  But one of the moments I feel realize I’m 41 is when I see babies I once babysat having babies of their own.

Once upon a time, I babysat this young mother, Alexis, when she was a baby.  Over the years, she’s babysat my babies and is still my kids most favorite babysitter of all time…her and her younger sister.

There will never be enough words to describe was a remarkable young lady she is and always has been.  Alexis was born to be a mother. She has a mother heart for children and caring for others. She has the softest disposition, kind voice and cutest giggle.  A year ago she married a man that keeps proving is the man for her in all he provides to ensure she has all she and his daughters need.  I’m sure he had no doubts that he couldn’t find a better woman than Alexis and a more perfect stepmother for his daughter: she loves her as she was her own.

While I’ve always known Alexis to be calm, quiet, peaceful and sweet…I was sure I’d see a different side to her for her newborn session.  (giggling) Every mother knows what I’m talking about.  The postpartum hormones that can be sassy, unpredictable, test your patience and overwhelming.  It was also the first time I was in her home spending time with her and her family.  But I waited for those postpartum hormones to rear their ugly heads…I waited…waited…tried to read into a few moments…but nope.  There weren’t any signs of them…or maybe it’s just me that remembers those hormones and cries at the thought of experiencing them again.

After the session, I called her mother …who gifted her the session…to tell her how wonderful it was.  And then I asked her the big question…has she had any postpartum ugliness yet? Her mom giggled and told me no, that she is always that easy going and nothing really gets her moody.  Right then I said Alexis is a unicorn…a full blown real-life unicorn!  (giggling)  Alexis is truly beautiful inside and out.  And if you’re lucky enough to know her than all agree with me.

Motherhood looks beautiful on her and I couldn’t be happier to see her enjoying the days with her baby and daughter.

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Just as the summer was ending for my children and the days were getting super crazy escaping the heat by staying inside…I was able to have a couple hours soaking up the joys of welcoming a baby boy home with is super chill parents and adorable big brother.  It seems like forever since Blake was just born but all the happy joys of snuggling a sweet baby and the peacefulness reminded me how beautiful the first days are.

The baby was everything that defines perfect.  Which wasn’t surprising to see him easy going, content and peaceful as that is every word I would use to describe his parents.

Sweet baby Carlson is the perfect addition to make the Carlson the most well rounded and easy going family.

Oh sweet Baby Carlson…I loved every moment I had photographing his family.testernew_0265testernew_0255 testernew_0256 testernew_0257 testernew_0258 testernew_0259 testernew_0260 testernew_0261 testernew_0262 testernew_0263 testernew_0264 testernew_0266 testernew_0267 testernew_0268 testernew_0269 testernew_0270 testernew_0271

The joys of having a 2 year old brother is having lots of lego gifts made for his baby brother!  I loved all the flowers, big and small, that he made.testernew_0272

This session was very surreal and personal for me.  Years ago I first met this family when I photographed their oldest when they were a little family of three and here they are today a big family of 6.

What makes it surreal and personal for me is how much I can relate with them now.  They also welcomed their fourth baby and she too, was a complete surprise…unplanned and unexpected.

When we scheduled this session, I did the usual run down for how my newborn photography style isn’t the most traditional or typical for newborn sessions.  I don’t do the beautiful baby poses: I leave that to the talented newborn photographers.  My style is more of a casual approach in capturing the family just as they are.  I love photographing a family in all the glory of their different personalities, the giggles, and everything in between.

I couldn’t write enough good things about this family!  The kids were perfect…literally, amazingly good.  The entire family was insanely fun and I was able to capture it all.

Introducing Baby girl Q.

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The picture below is my favorite from the session.  The simple and peaceful moment between a mother and her baby is one to never be forgotten.testernew_0232