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This young lady lives in the mountains about 2 hours from the valley and all she wanted was her session in the desert.  We were lucky that her session happened shortly after we’ve had lots and lots of rain.

Makiah is every bit of the triple threat girl…brains, beauty and one amazing, chill, easy going personality.   I just LOVED her and our time together.

At the start of the session, we were talking about how old Kaylee was when I first began photographing her.  The reality totally slapped the hell out of me when her mother realized it was before she was 10.  What? NO!  How can it be!?

Sweet Kaylee is now graduating from high school with plan of starting college to be an educator.  While there is a huge uncertainty in the future of educators in Arizona, this girl has a love for working with kids and it takes all of her pure heart for teaching to make her one of the future great teachers.

There is so much that I adore and love about Kaylee…however, what tops my favorites list about her is how she is articulate, confident and goal driven.  She holds the qualities I dream of my own daughters possessing at her age.

Kaylee, YOU are a dream!

Say what… a class of 2017 senior session is getting posted in August?  Yep, it’s sadly true.  I’m hoping to catch up with sharing all the sessions from last fall until now that weren’t shared.  Because all the sessions were too much fun, unique and LOVE all the personality in each session.

I photographed Claudia last spring and time simply got away from me before I was able to share a few of my favorite pictures from her session.

Claudia was beyond dreamy to photograph and so comfortable in front of the camera, which makes me feel like I won the lottery as her photographer.


At the time of her session, she was still undecided on whether she would be attending Baylor or University of Arizona.  I loved how she wanted pictures with both school logos that she had the toughest decision to choose between. Clau