Meet Tami












Thank you for stopping by to find out a little about me.

I’m a passionate girl that’s obsessed with my children.

I have a HUGE addiction to candy. Not chocolate but sour, chewy and sweet gummy candy. I have zero self control around that yummy goodness.

Infertility is a big party of my life. My children were the gifts we prayed for. Just when I accepted I couldn’t have children on my own, God surprised us with our fourth baby due this August, 2015.

I can’t function without coffee.

My dream vacation is a good road trip on an Arizona back road.

Photography is what fills the hours when I’m not with my children.

Photography is that creative escape my soul craves, capturing an emotion in a very single moment to savor as a tangible memory.  That emotion for parents to look at a picture of a smile or giggle and remember the exact sound that goes with it.

For me, photography is my art. My art where rules don’t apply and filled with freedom to be different.